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Diplomarbeit, die am 30.06.2003 erfolgreich an einer Universität in Italien im Fachbereich Faculty of Engineering eingereicht wurde. Abstract: Wind power is an more and more import supply of renewable, clear power. In spite of this, solely the strategies and the supplies of building have improved over time, whereas the primary working precept of the wind turbine continues to be the similar because it was centuries in the past. In this thesis we have now elevated the energy of a wind turbine by a issue of four in a fluid dynamic simulation, utilizing a quite simple exterior shroud system. We have additionally prolonged the concept of wind generators (restrict of Betz), to incorporate this new form of machine and present why previous makes an attempt to enhance the energy of a wind turbine by means of shroud methods have failed. An in depth evaluation of the machine and its functioning precept is offered on this thesis – optimization research should be completed in the future. Table of Contents: |Abstract|I |Index|II |List of Figures|IV |List of Symbols|VI |Introduction|1 1.|Theory of Wind Turbines|5 1.1|Introduction|5 1.2|The Betz Law|6 1.three|Aerodynamics of the rotor|13 1.four|Rotor Power Characteristics|18 1.5|Number of Rotor Blades|20 1.6|Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT)|22 1.7|Shrouded / Ducted Wind Turbines|28 1.7.1|Ducted Rotor|29 1.7.2|Turbine with a Diffuser Duct|29 2.|Methodology|33 2.1|Introduction|33 2.2|Computational Domain|34 2.three|Computational Code|41 2.three.1|Conservation Equations|42 2.three.2|Okay-Epsilon Turbulence Model|43 2.three.three|Discretization of the Conservation Equations|45 2.four|MFR – Multiple Frame of Reference|45 2.5|Parallel Processing|46 2.6|Simulations|47 three.|Results|48 three.1|Introduction|48 three.2|Conventional Turbine|49 three.2.1|Velocity Field|49 three.2.2|Static Pressure Field|52 three.2.three|Total Pressure Field|53 three.2.four|Power of the Conventional Turbine|55 three.2.5|Energy and Momentum Transfer|57 three.three|Shrouded Turbine|59 three.three.1|Velocity Field|59 three.three.2|Static Pressure Field|62 three.three.three|Total Pressu


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